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VASER® Liposuction

What is Vaser Lipo ?Vaser Liposuction

VASER® liposelection is the new modern form of Liposuction.‘VASER’ stands for Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance which uses advanced ultrasound technology to gently breakdown fat from different areas of the body.

The technique uses sound energy transmitted through small probes that liquefy fat prior to removal by gentle suction. Conventional liposuction, produces trauma to the tissues which can lead to unevenness of fat removal. The conventional technique is also associated with elongated recovery times and more pain.

This contrasts with VASER liposelection where the ultrasound energy is directed specifically at the fat to liquefy it prior to removal by gentle suction. A further advantage of VASER liposelection is that much improved skin retraction is seen when compared to standard liposuction. The benefits of VASER treatment have been reported in scientific studies.

Since VASER treatment allows fat to be removed under local anesthetic with a faster recovery time there is no overnight stay required, however it is an invasive surgery.

For larger volumes of fat removal or if multiple areas are treated then a ‘twilight’ anaesthetic can be used which means that an intravenous sedation technique is more suitable. For even larger volumes of fat removal a full general anaesthetic may be required.

As with any cosmetic procedure, it is important that you review your expectations thoroughly before you decide to proceed. . Our highly experienced and specialized Reconstructive Consultant Plastic Surgeons  are all experts in their field and are able to offer you the best possible advice based on your individual goals and circumstances.

 Those same surgeons will be there throughout your consultation, procedure and follow-up care surgeon will explain the results you can expect after Vaser Liposelection.  They will also discuss the associated risks and alternatives to the procedure before going ahead.

How can I find out more about Vaser Lipo Surgery?

For more information or to arrange a complimentary Skype consultation with one of our Reconstructive Consultant Plastic Surgeons please call our Glasgow office on:  0141 945 2220,  email us at: or complete one of our online enquiry form and a member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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