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Surgical Patients – Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Surgical Patients
of Acibadem International Hospital Group

i) The patient is at all times under the care and supervision of his/her consultant physician or surgeon – employed by and acting on behalf of Acibadem International Hospital Group.
ii) The patient accepts that the Patient Co-ordinator is not a doctor or surgeon and as such any information that they may give is merely of a general non-medical nature. The patient should raise any queries at consultation with the Surgeon or other suitably qualified clinical staff.
iii) The patient agrees that Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics will accept no responsibility, liability or accountability for any advice given or diagnosis reached by the consultant physician or surgeon, or for the surgery or other treatment carried out, or for the consequences of that surgery or other treatment with regard of this or any other contractual relationship between the patient and Acibadem International Hospital Group.
iv) Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics will arrange consultations with only fully qualified Reconstructive Consultant Plastic Surgeons / Maxillofacial Surgeons, Ophthalmologists, and / or Cosmetic Doctors who are registered with the General Medical Council here in the UK and/or with the Governing body of Istanbul or Turkish Province in which they trained and who hold the relevant qualifications. Surgeons, Ophthalmologists Medical Doctors are self employed practitioners who are obliged to maintain full private Medical Indemnity Insurance. All Medical Doctors / Surgeons qualifications and full background information are available to view at Acibadem International Hospital Groups website:
v) Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics purely provide an administration function for Acibadem International Hospital Group.
vi) The full cost of the surgical procedure includes: all pre operative consultations and assessments with your appointed Surgeon and or medical staff at Acibadem International Hospital Group as well as all surgeon and anesthetist fees, medical supplies, drugs, in-patient stay, discharge medication and dressings.
vii) There may be an additional fee for non-standard costs incurred by Acibadem International Hospital Group, such as: telephone calls, guest meals, companion charges, additional medical supply items and additional overnight accommodation.

i) All patients wishing to proceed with surgery will be asked to complete a consent form. The consent form is designed to ensure that the patient and the surgeon are fully agreed as to the procedure that has been planned and that the patient fully understands all the potential benefits and risks. Patient information will be provided to ensure informed consent is obtained.
ii) The patient will be asked to consent to any nursing, x-rays, examinations, photography, laboratory procedures or any general medical treatment rendered to the patient.
iii) It is the responsibility of the consultant, physician or surgeon to obtain the patient’s consent prior to surgery, to any medical or surgical treatment and to answer questions about the patient’s treatment.
iv) The patient agrees to provide the surgeon and clinical staff of Acibadem International Hospital Group with a complete medical health history that is honest and accurate. Withholding any medical information could be detrimental to his/her health and safety, and may result in the cancellation of the procedure with no refund of costs incurred by Acibadem International Hospital Group. The patient must inform Acibadem of any change occurring in their medical history and status, and keep them informed at all times.
v) Acibadem International Hospital Group reserves the right to contact a patient’s GP should it be necessary, in the opinion of the consultant, with the consent of the patient. Should the patient withhold consent, the surgeon may feel unable to continue with the planned procedure.

i) The minimum age for any consultation and surgical procedure is 18.

i) Cosmetic surgery is an elective surgical procedure and careful consideration needs to be given to the potential benefits and risks, before a patient makes a decision to proceed with surgery. Acibadem International Hospital Group recommends a period of 14 days following consultation with a surgeon before undergoing surgery. However, a surgery date may be reserved following consultation with the surgeon to accommodate patient’s needs.

i) The responsibility for settlement of the charges levied by Acibadem International Hospital Group, which includes all professional and hospital fees, is and remains at all times the responsibility of the patient. Acibadem International Hospital Group requires a deposit of £500 in order to secure a surgery date and the quoted cost of surgery will be held for 90 days. The balance of the fee must be paid no later than 21 days prior to the date of the operation. After a deposit has been paid we can only guarantee the price of surgery for a maximum of 6 months from date of payment.
ii) Acibadem International Hospital Group does not provide credit facilities. Treatment will only be provided where satisfactory payment has been received.
iii) Where a credit card is used to pay for surgery the company will charge a 1.5% handling fee.

i) If the patient pre books a date for surgery and then decides to reschedule that date, the following administration fees will be charged:
a) If the surgery date is re-scheduled giving 14 days or more notice, an administration fee of £75 will be incurred
b) If the surgery is re-scheduled giving 13 days notice or less, an administration fee of £250 will be incurred.
ii) Acibadem International Hospital Group reserves the right to alter the patient’s admission date in conjunction with the consultant surgeon. Such changes will be avoided where possible unless they are due to circumstances beyond Acibidems control, in which event the patient agrees that no consequential loss will be payable for such changes at short notice.

i) With the exception of a £100 administration fee, all monies paid are fully refundable if surgery is cancelled at least 21 days prior to the date of surgery. Thereafter, Acibadem International Hospital Group reserves the right to retain the following sums if surgery is cancelled within the following time periods:
a) 14 – 21 days before surgery – the £500 deposit
b) Less than 14 days before surgery – 50% of the fee or £500 whichever is the greater
ii) In the interest of patient safety, Acibadem International Hospital Group reserves the right to cancel or postpone a procedure.

i) For up to 12 months after the operation, if the patient and the surgeon agree that further surgery is necessary to achieve a satisfactory result, Acibadem International Hospital Group will provide all surgical and hospital services free of charge. If however, the surgeon decides that the results of the surgery are acceptable within the normal limits of surgery, or are associated risks and conditions of the surgical procedure undertaken, then additional surgery and hospital costs would be incurred by the patient.
ii) Breast Augmentation surgery includes the re-operation cost if encapsulation occurs, within a 3 year period. If encapsulation occurs a second time, surgical fees would be incurred for the removal of the encapsulation.

i) Acibadem International Hospital Group offers all patients an aftercare service whereby a patient may return to the International Hospital where treatment or surgery was provided or to Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics in Glasgow for review appointments with their consultant at any stage post operatively.
ii) The patient agrees to attend any scheduled follow up appointments following surgery as requested and to reasonably comply with the professional advice provided by the consultant or other specialist clinical staff, and acknowledge that Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics or Acibadem International Hospital Group cannot be held responsible for any consequences of the patient failing to comply with the advice given.

i)Any complaint or claim arising out of such advice, diagnosis, surgery or other treatment provided by the consultant surgeon should be addressed in the first instance to the surgeon, however, Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics will undertake to pass such a complaint on to the consultant if the patient prefers.
ii) If a patient has a complaint regarding an aspect of their treatment whilst at Acibadem International Hospital Group or any of its Hospitals, the patient should contact the Hospital Manager in the first instance, who will be able to advise of the actions to take, as per Acibadem International Hospital Group’s complaint procedure.

i) Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998.
ii) The patient confirms his/her consent to the disclosure of personal information by Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics to the surgeons, doctors, nurse and other clinical staff of Acibadem International Hospital Group for the purpose of treating the patient.

i) Revitalize Cosmetic Clinics do not accept any responsibility for any cash or valuables. Patients should ensure that all personal belongings are fully insured.




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