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Moles, Warts & Verruca’s

Moles, Warts & Verruca’s

Don’t let little imperfections hold you back……

We’re dedicated to helping people with moles, warts or verruca’s.

Warts are usually harmless but may be unsightly.  Warts on the feet. Verruca’s (or verrucae) are sometimes painful.  Often, they clear themselves in time without treatment, however, if required they can be cleared more quickly with treatment.

Most commonly, treatment involves applying salicylic acid or freezing with liquid nitrogen or a cold spray, at Revitalize we also offer innovative laser-based removal treatments.

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We have clinics in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Stirling.  Our clinics offer appointment times to suit and we will make every effort to make you feel comfortable.

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Glasgow Clinic

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Orasculpt Premises
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Edinburgh Clinic

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Stirling Clinic

Stirling Hospital
Polamsie Road