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Semi Permanent Make-Up

Semi-Permanent Make-up

Signature Brows

Ether you’re a beautiful blonde, a fiery red head, a sultry brunette or your rocking graceful grey tones, we all need a little help in the eye brow department.  Here at Revitalize, our Semi-Permanent Brows can help add length, depth and thickness o your natural brows.

People don’t want to spend more than five to 10 minutes applying make-up – especially pencilling or powdering – and it can only look so natural. With semi-permanent make-up, it limits the process to roughly once a year and offers the most natural-looking results.”

The cosmetic-tattoo industry is constantly evolving, the tattooing of yesteryear was a solid block of colour that would last well over 10 years but we’ve now turned to ‘topical’ methods that allow for fading and for clients to alter the colour or shape every 12 to 18 months. This is because old ink contained titanium dioxide that the body broke down, leading to horrid tones of pink, green and blue. But all of that has gone now thanks to the new generation of organic pigments.”

What to ask for: Microblading (the catch-all phrase for individually tattooed hair strokes) At Revitalize we offer Microfeathering – It mimics native hair, so gaps and sparsely covered areas can be filled in, resulting in the most natural look possible and Ombré – where the brow is slightly more faded towards the front of the face and sharper towards the arch to add depth.

What to expect: Thanks to numbing creams, most people say it’s similar to very light scratching (be warned: you can hear the blade). There’s no formal downtime, although it depends from person to person and brows should be kept dry for at least two days – which is tricky, but achievable. Don’t panic if they look too dark at first – colour fades as they heal and the results last for about a year.


Signature Lips

Some people are blessed with naturally full, rounded, plump lips – and then here are the rest of us.  In todays world of super selfies, and of course the Kardashian clan, our lips have become synonymous with youth, confidence and self-expression.  When you visit Revitalize for Signature Lips, our expert aestheticians give you more than just lip service.  Our approach has been uniquely designed to incorporate multiple techniques including liners, blush, full colour blocks and ombre two tone lips.  We have a wide range of shades which can be tailored to make them as individually unique as you are.  Whatever your signature style is, Signature Lips at Revitalize promises the perfect pout for you.

What to ask for: 90s liner has evolved into full-lip blushes, by replacing your lip’s lost border, it gives a more youthful appearance. It’s also a great way to create the illusion of a fuller pout without injections, while leaving a beautiful hue so you don’t need lipstick.

What to expect: Lip blushes get their name thanks to using a dark shade around the lip line blended with a softer shade in the middle with almost no colour in the centre. Expect tenderness afterwards but aftercare is minimal: refrain from touching lips and regularly apply an antiseptic cream.

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